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Colleen Cordova 's Entries

  • Fendi turns the catwalk into a stage for its arthouse persona

    Plans for the Caravaggio Research Institute, to be founded by Fendi in partnership with Rome’s Galleria Borghese, were announced this month. “This is a very interesting project for Italy and Rome and for Fendi to bring the beauty of the Italian capital and of Caravaggio around the world,...
  • The Best Dresses at New York Fashion Week

    The best surprise of New York Fashion Week wasn’t the donut tower at Alexander Wang. It was the weather. What has been in the past a miserably hot, 100 percent humidity week was breezy and cloudless, and honestly game-changing. It freed up the space in our brains that’s normally reserved...
  • Fashion, fun and some foolishness for festival

    YOU'D usually go to a car dealership to see the latest models and display, and it was no different for the Jacaranda Fashion Parade. image: Cheap Flower Girl Dresses Held again in the middle of sponsor Grafton Toyota's main showroom, the models were Jacaranda candidates past and present alo...